Yucatan™ Miniature Swine


    • The two separate Yucatan colonies have the same origin
    • Developed from 25 animals imported from southern Mexico into the United States in 1960 at Colorado State University with funding from the Kroc Foundation
    • Sinclair Bio Resources assumed production of one colony from Biotech in 1995 and one colony from Charles River Laboratories in 2002
    • The former Biotech colony is located in Auxvasse, MO and the former Charles River Laboratory colony is in Windham, ME
    • The colonies are closed and fully-pedigreed


    • Particularly known for their docile temperament and ease of handling
    • Darkly pigmented skin with little or no hair
    • White hairless lineage for dermal studies
    • Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) lineage available
    • DNA samples are banked and available for documentation and/or genetic studies
    • The Missouri colony is MHC haplotype-defined for transplantation studies (MHC genes of these lines have been cloned and sequenced for the SLA class I and class II and the characterizations of allele-specific monoclonal antibodies)

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Book of Normals

Your Comprehensive Resources of Normal Data on Miniature Swine.