Commitment to Animal Care

Everyone at Sinclair Bio Resources is strongly committed to animal welfare and we have a documented quality animal care program, including a ‘Code of Respect’ for all our animals. Additionally, our commitment to adhere to and exceed the highest ethical and scientific standards is demonstrated by our outstanding veterinary care program, our full compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and our accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC International).

Animal Code of Respect

As a leading provider of preclinical drug and device testing services, we recognize and embrace the legal and moral obligation to assure that all animals in our care are treated in accordance with all applicable regulations and with high standards of compassion and respect. Sinclair maintains full AAALAC accreditation and meets or exceeds USDA and Public Health Service (PHS) standards. In addition to adhering to regulatory expectations, this obligation is scientifically important, as failure to meet these regulations and standards can impact the quality of scientific research.

Toward that end, all employees at Sinclair are committed to following these principles:

  • We will treat animals in our care with the utmost respect. We honor the contribution that these animals make to lifesaving advances and will in turn treat them with the respect that they deserve.
  • We will strictly follow all applicable regulations and standards for animal treatment.
  • We will not conduct research on animals when validated alternatives are available, or when the potential benefit of the research is unclear. When animal research is scientifically valid, we will employ the “three R’s” principals to animal use: replacement, reduction, and refinement.
  • We will work, in a manner consistent with the study protocol and good science, to reduce discomfort or stress to animals in our care, and provide a nurturing, comfortable, and enriched animal environment.
  • We will train all Sinclair employees who handle animals on proper techniques and will apply appropriate controls to ensure that all procedures as well as this Code of Respect are followed. We will encourage employees to report any misconduct or failure to adhere to this Code of Respect.
  • If we learn that we or any of our employees have failed to follow this Code of Respect, we will take appropriate remedial and disciplinary action.

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